DOR & TAN Celadon Green & Speckle Espresso Cup Set


Shallow waters sheltered in coastal coves, lichen carpeted rocks and salty sea air. These 3 oz. Espresso Cups are inspired by walks on the coast path between Gwithian and St Agnes. This clay combination is a new one made in the studio by us, a mix of smooth Dobles white and velvety black Vulcan. The mix creates a delicate rusty coloured fleck under the soft Celadon glaze. These 3 oz. Espresso Cups come in pairs, to enjoy a quiet coffee break alone or with a friend. The shape of these cups reflects the curvature of boat hulls, making the form perfect for cupping in your hand. They are also lovely to enjoy with warm Sake, or if you have a little one around, a small yoghurt snack. Every ounce of clay for this item is sourced locally from Doble's clay pit in St Agnes and formed using a kick wheel by one of us. Each vessel is microwave and food safe however, hand washing with care is recommended to maintain the unique quality of each piece. Please handle with care when hot liquid is contained within this vessel, as the lower ceramic surrounds may become hot. Specification Set of 2 Designer: Sharron Page Stocks Dimensions: