Green Tea Infused Body Oil


We believe the skin of our body is as important as our faces, so we formulated  a body oil with three intensely nourishing and restoring super ingredients  to help protect the skin from environmental stressors such as UV damage, pollutants which are known to have a detrimental effect on our skin  causing premature ageing.

Organic cold pressed Grape seed, Sea Buckthorn and Green tea oils regenerate,  hydrate and protects the skin with their super high flavonoids,  carotenoids and phytosterols.

With the revitalising and supporting essential oils of Bergamont, Vetiver and Sandalwood.

Organic and 100% natural allowing your skin to thrive.

Organic cold pressed Grape Seed Oil: Restorative & restructuring
Promoting the production of collagen Grape Seed oil’s free radical effects are nearly 50 times greater than that of Vitamin C & E.

Organic cold pressed Jojoba oil: Moisturising & protecting Jojoba is very similar to the natural components of the skin helping to hydrate & restore its natural balance.

Organic sunflower oil: Softening & regenerating An excellent oil to soften dehydrated skin, excellent for all skin types, rich in omegas and Vitamin E.

Organic Camellia Sinensis oil (Green tea): Protecting & revitalising Used for centuries in Asia for its therapeutic properties, Camellia Sinensis is rich in betacarotene, oleic acid, linoleic acid, & vitamin E that deeply hydrates and repair the skin.

Organic Sea Buckthorn oil: Nourishing & rejuvenating Siberian Sea Buckthorn has been used for centuries as a remedy for the skin. The essential fatty acid content of Sea Buckthorn is around 95% which makes it a vital nourishing ingredient in protecting and improving the signs of premature ageing.

Organic Bergamot essential oil: Uplifting & de-stressing This woody citrusy essential oil helps to lift the spirits & helps to relieve stress.

Organic Vetiver essential oil: Tonic & restorative Earthy green and delicious Vetiver restores balance and calm.

Ingredients: Cold pressed Grape Seed oil, Cold pressed Jojoba oil, Sunflower oil, Camellia Sinensis (green tea), Bergamot FCF essential oil, Sea Buckthorn oil , Vetiver essential oil, Citral, Limonene, Linalool, Eugenol, Geraniol, Citronella, Farnesol (all natural constituents of essential oils).

Net weight: