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Natural Temple Incense
Premium grade, hand-rolled, "temple" incense made with a blend of organic essential oils. 100% chemical free.
Vegan & Ethically made in the U.K.
20 in a pack 
~Cloud Musk~
Musk Spice Blend ~ Bambi Bliss, Peaceful Surrender.
A blend of sweet natural spices, musky earthy & floral notes. Reminiscent of the wandering deer seeking an abundant home to reside, in the peaceful woodlands. This blend evokes a sensual mood and calm grounding.
~Holy Smokes~
Frankincense and Myrrh Blend ~ As Above So Below, Draped In A Mystical Veil.
Frankincense & Myrrh are derived from the resins made from the Boswellia and Commiphora trees. It has been highly regarded as an ancient medicine for boosting immunity also used to clear and purify the air.
Allow this mystical scent envelope you in a cloak of protection and healing.
~Sacred Heart~
Rosewood Blend ~ Devotion Temple, Enveloped In Divine Love.
Rosewood is a very special and rare fragrant wood that is considered holy in India. Associated with the heart chakra, rosewood has a sweet compassionate and healing feminine energy. Rosewood can also be used for connecting with other realms and unfolding our internal truths.
~Tree Of Life~
Cedarwood Blend ~ Warrior Spirit, Align With Evergreen Friends. 
Cedarwood the evergreen tree of life, symbolising eternal love, immortality and spiritual power. Cedarwood is used as a spiritual guide by promoting a deeper relaxed state, increasing focus for insight and meditation. This warm and woody scent, encourages confidence, strength and wellbeing.