Heartfelt Infusion


A Heartfelt infusion to help support the emotional and physical heart.

During difficult times we turn to these nourishing organic herbs to help ease overwhelming feelings of fear, unresolved grief and overall disharmony, helping to support and uplift a heavy heart.

Tulsi/Holy Basil: Calming & harmonising , also known as the “Queen of herbs” , and ‘protector of life’ . This nutritious super herb supports the body to optimum health working on a deep level to help shift stagnant energy, and quieten a chatty mind. Holy Basil nourishes an exhausted nervous system, helping to relieve stress and tension, elevating the spirit and emotions . It also helps to protect the body from environmental stressors and nourishes the immune system.

Hawthorn blossom & leaf*: Restoring & nourishing tonic, Hawthorn is healing to the heart in many ways. For those suffering from a broken heart, or who are fearful of loving then Hawthorn not only helps to heal the emotions but allows the heart to open and trust in love and self love again. A restorer of the heart .

Rose: Protecting & emotionally healing , Rose offers love and nurturing for oneself . It brings healing to feelings of hopelessness and helps to restore faith and trust again . Rose is a wonderfully supportive nurturing tonic for the heart and psychological studies indicate rose can help induce ‘sweeter dreams’

Cardamom: antioxidant & soothing , this aromatic herb adds warmth and flavour . Rich in antioxidants its soothing to the digestive system and helps ease mild anxiety.

*Please note: If taking heart and blood pressure medication please seek the advice of a herbalist or GP before use.

Not for use with children under 12 years of age.

Organic Tulsi / Holy Basil Ocimum sanctum, Hawthorn blossom & leaf Crataegus, Rose Rosa damascena, Cardamon Elettaria cardamomum

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