Tate Museum St Ives

Tate Museum St Ives

Whilst on holiday in picturesque Cornwall, we visited a wonderful exhibition at the Tate Museum in St Ives. Featuring artist, Jessica Warboys, the large-scale paintings were inspired by pagan history and folklore, as well as mythology and landscape.

Jessica's paintings are created by placing mineral pigments on to the canvas and then submerging it into the sea, allowing the waves to 'paint' the canvas. This is such an interesting technique and creates such stunning results, with a lovely, deam-like feel. This exhibition is on until the 3rd of September and well worth a visit if you're in the area!

Other exhibitions included a collection of ceramic works from many different potters and artists such as Bernard Leach. The exhibition spans 100 years of studio pottery, with many different subjects such as the relationship between Japan and the UK from the 1910's to the 40's.

A friend of mine, who is a curator at the museum, has created a room called 'the clayground' inviting kids to play with the clay get involved with creating... what a lovely way to get children excited about art!

...A wonderful day out for the whole family!