Who made my clothes?

Who made my clothes?

Unless you've been on a deserted beach somewhere I am sure you are aware it is the brilliant fashion revolution week.

As a small brand we are passionate about our manufacturing and wanted to share with you the wonderful makers that work with us to produce our collections and have helped make Kate Sheridan the brand that it is today.

Ida my amazing right hand lady, and myself design all our collections from our Hackney based shop and studio. We welcome visitors at anytime and depending on when you visit you will find us busy designing or making our leathergoods! We hand make all our small leathergoods inhouse, Planthangers, Lou and Loux Wallets, Belts, Lanyards/Keyrings and much more.

I am passionate about leatherwork and we train all our retail team up to be able to work with leather and have the knowledge to pass onto our customers.


Let me introduce you to our other makers, first up:


I  have worked with this amazing lady for over 8 years, through three different factories and her setting up on her own. She is an absolute joy to work with and a talented leatherworker. For many years our studios were door to door which made for a close understanding and complete transparency. Hannah has a close eye for detail and is brilliant at making our fanciful designs come to life.


I have known Amy for a super long time also (the leather world is a small place!) She worked in the first ever factory that I used to manufacturer my bags, right here in East London. Now she has moved to the countryside and set up her own little workshop. Amy is organised and efficient like nobody else I know. Not easily fazed, she really stepped up when we got our first and quite sizable order from lovely stockist Toast.

Jags Team

In the photo as well as some of Jags team who are based in London are Hannah and her assistant, Ida and myself. Jag has a leather wholesale business and well as a  workshop. Here some of our leather bags are made but we also we hire his equipment  so you will often find us hanging out here gossiping and having cups of tea (thanks to chief teamaker the lovely Sue!)

Kulvinders Team

I have worked with Kulvinder for over 15 years, his talented team produce our waxed cotton ranges made from British Millerain and Halley Stephenson cloth. Kulvinder previously worked with my dad, who was in the design and manufacturing trade for many years also, and so he came highly recommended! I still remember my first visit to his amazing factory in New Delhi with both my parents and sister coming along on a family trip. Kulvinder is a seasoned hand bag maker and a has been a key part of my brand over the years.

Finally meet Upenders Team.

This brilliant team based in the North of England make all of our clothing. We have worked together for 8 glorious years.  Upender himself is a rare treat - a hilarious man who often starts an email with a joke and who can keep you on the phone chatting for a good half hour before we remember we should really be working. Along with his team, he keeps our standard high and dungaree wearing customers happy. Full of advice and manufacturing wisdom, Upender has been a wonderful resource over the years as we expanded from handbags to the world of apparel.